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Where Love is Considered a Craftsman's Touch


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What is New Dawn?

Before the Dawn 

We, as a Utah remodeling company, are with you every step of the way. We make sure you're involved in every aspect of your remodel. Whether it be a kitchen, bathroom, basement, addition or custom home.

The Dawn

From beginning to end, we strive to create an atmosphere for your remodel that leaves you feeling confident.Your home will live to see timeless memories come to pass as we build your perfect home. 

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New Dawn

As we move toward finishing your remodel, we make sure to put in the love that your project deserves. In the end, we strive to finish your kitchen, bathroom, basement, addition, and/ or your custom home with the most care possible.  

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  As a Utah remodeling company, we have come a long way to keeping our remodels and renovations up and going. We strive to keep your project, whether it be a bathroom, basement, kitchen, addition, or custom home, in line and on time. With our teams making sure that we keep a close eye on the project, we communicate the process with you as we dive into the remodel. In this trade, Remodeling, there are many different components. To combat these, communication is key, and keeping you involved is only a dial or text away. 


Damian has been tinkering with creating new possibilities since he was 4. He has used this skillset through his academic and athletic careers. Thinking differently and creating new strategies to accomplish every job and assignment at hand. With a keen eye for possibilities and solutions, don't be surprised if he brings up a rendition of your remodel that you may not have even thought of. Bringing a new wave of ideas that best suits your remodeling or custom home needs. 



Year Established

We are Growing!


A Licensed Bonded and Insured General Contractor



"He supervises everything himself to ensure it's up to his standard which exceeds that of customer's standard and expectations." -Soloman J. 

"We felt that the work was done in a timely and cost effective manner and we were very satisfied with the finished product" - Brad B.

"Damian did a great job on our basement and loft addition! He is a great craftsman and very easy to work with."

-Brooke B. 

"Extremely easy to work with, cooperative and showed up on time"

-James A.




For any inquiries, questions or consultations, please call: (801)-557-9722 or fill out the following form

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Salt Lake City, UT


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